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Excel integration

This feature allows you to Snap the times of stopwatch/timer right into a MS Excel spreadsheet. It is much more comfortable than copying from the Results Window.

There are two ways to do it. Using spreadsheet and start cell below option your spreadsheet must be already opened. Select it from the Spreadsheet list and type-in a start cell into the Cell field. Both A1 and R1C1 styles are allowed. Naming is case insensitive. The next cell will be calculated as stated in the Excel option .
To disable integration just deselect the spreadsheet in list.

Option cursor allows you to Snap to currently active cell. Of course it is possible with the Hotkeys only. Then the cursor will be moved as stated in the Excel option .

Time values can be inserted in two forms. Excel's internal value stores the times in the form suitable for calculations. Tune cell's format assign most appropriate format to a cell.
To insert just to display you might choose text value.

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