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External control

This is the finest feature of XNote Stopwatch. Using it you can attach an external sensor in order to improve accuracy, reliability and convenience of your measurements. The control device must conform to simple on/off switch interface. The configuration window provides the scheme how to connect:

Port — select the port you connect to. Currently only serial COM ports are allowed.

Line — assign the pair of contacts to the basic XNote Stopwatch commands (Start/Stop, Snap).

State — specify how to treat changes of line state. There are different options to adapt to: push button (Off -> On (normally open) and reverse one) / pulse signal, toggle switch (Off -> On / On -> Off (normally open) and reverse one) / set signal.

Skip contact bounce — if you are using a mechanical switch you are most likely suffering from contact bounce. Besides variety of solutions XNote Stopwatch has the build-in one which just pauses a "listening" for several milliseconds. If you need not the contact de-bouncing then set the field to 0.

Enable — Turn on or off the external control at all.

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