Xnote as video registration solution available

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Re: Rookie needs help - photocell

Post by JanHgm » Sat Jul 24, 2010 10:24 pm

The Camstudio that can work together with Xnote is now also available on SourceForge.


See "All files"
Tab: Camstudio 2.6 beta

http://sourceforge.net/projects/camstud ... .6%20beta/

There is currently also a new site I launched to promote Camstudio4Xnote (as I branded the product)


On this jahoma site you will find new binaries first.

Re: Xnote as video registration solution available

Post by JanHgm » Sat Jul 03, 2010 10:55 pm

Camstudio v2.6, release 260:
Camstudio4Xnote now writes snaps to a XML formatted log file. (tagged .xnote.txt)
Frame refs related with the Xnote snap will be added soon.

The current release of Xnote on http://www.xnotestopwatch.com is still updated for Camstudio4Xnote but it does not send the Reset message. (I assume that this will be solved as soon as Dmitry returns from holiday). If all works but Camstudio4Xnote does not finalize recording when you use Xnote reset you must use xnsw_1.6.plus-(Camstudio special-05jun20100).exe.
Install XnoteStopwatch and copy xnsw_1.6.plus-(Camstudio special-05jun20100).exe to the XnoteStopwatch directory. Start xnsw_1.6.plus-(Camstudio special-05jun20100).exe instead of xnsw.exe.
{Update: 2010July09, Issue solved. Version currently available on Xnote Stopwatch support Reset}

Re: Using video recording in combination with Xnote

Post by JanHgm » Sat Jun 26, 2010 10:50 pm

New features expected soon.

Currently busy with creating a Video motion detection application to be used with XNote and Camstudio4XNote.
Currently motion detection application triggers only Camstudio4Xnote with an wake up call if recording is paused.
Motion application will be able (soon) to broadcast other trigger events like Start recording, Snap recording and Stop recording.
Other development in progress is that in the recording you can see which event caused Camstudio to act.
First line in the XNote annotation area (bottom-left on screen) show which application started stopwatch and recording and it will show soon if time was started manual (keyboard, shortcut) or automatically by means of an device connected to RS232.
Snapped times (lowest line in the annotation) also show which application triggered the snap (x=xnote, v=video) and if this was done manual (m) with a keypress, mouse click or shortcut or automatic (a) with an electronic device connected to the RS232.

Snapshot from the demo movie:

Flash movie that shows current state of development.

Released as: Camstudio4Xnote version-2.6b release-258

Re: Using video recording in combination with Xnote

Post by JanHgm » Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:44 pm

Camstudio v2.6, release 255:
Xnote Camstudio settings are now pushed and pulled to Camstudio.ini file.
Each recording start with an unique named filename that gets a tag that identify when recording is started. Same ccyymmdd-hhmm-ss tag is used to brand the final file if autonaming is applicable.
Changed informational interface when recording. You can see now to which file is used for recording and it also shows info if limited recording is applicable or not.
Use the snaptime send by Xnote now also in Camstudio4Xnote.


Replacement Xnote.exe for still installed Xnote's (or install Xnote release v1.61)


Re: Using video recording in combination with Xnote

Post by JanHgm » Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:00 am

Updated Camstudio4Xnote v2.6, release 253:

Add a function that will manage if and how long recording will continue if this recording is activated by a Xnote stopwatch event.
Changed Camstudio Effects options dialog to be able to manage the duration of the recording (but only when recording is triggered by means of xnote stopwatch).
Extended Camstudio menubar with an option to switch recording duration limitation on/off during a recording session. (But if set as an options effect this over wite function is only applicable for the recording initiated by the last xnote message. Hence any new event will reset recording duration to initial settings)
Use Xnote param now to set Xnote timestamps. (before Camstudio used the timestamp when the xnote message was coming through)
Changed procedure that drops annotation in the screen capture.
Removed a few warnings as well.

The procedure that should write settings in Camstudio.ini file and read them afterwards is still a challenge for me. Hence, your settings for this new xnote effects are currently not saved. Sorry.

Below a snapshot from a recording of an athletic event I recorded a week ago. This photo shows the Xnote snaptime more than once. First as recorded with Xnote. Secondly as a delayed timestamp in the recording to get time and movie in sync and finally as a static timestamp in the recording again.

Or just watch the recording I made using Camstudio and Xnote together:


Re: Using video recording in combination with Xnote

Post by JanHgm » Thu Jun 03, 2010 9:20 am

Updated Camstudio4Xnote.
Release 250 includes now a feature that a XNote snap-time will appear in the video recordings. (not 100% equal because XNote and Camstuduio4Xnote are two independent programs)
Snapshot recordings appears in the recording when they occur and will stay there until they are pushed away by more recent snaps.
Any Snap-time is showed immediately and do not take in account presentation delay to get in sync with video-capturing.

Re: Using video recording in combination with Xnote

Post by JanHgm » Sat May 29, 2010 3:19 pm

Just updated Camstudio4Xnote.
New release is r248.

Basic changes to make Camstudio more sensitive for Xnote Windows Messages.
Recorder will start recording when a XNote start event occurs. If Camstudio is still in recording mode but paused, any XNote start or snap event will release pause mode and recording continuous. Allows you to put Camstudio recorder in pause mode without being afraid that you will not capture the important events.

Other changes:
Annotations in capture, shows time passed since first XNote start event.

Expected changes:
* Option to decide if time Camstudio must take in account when Xnote is stopped and restart. Currently Camstudio counts from the first start event.
* Option to decide if Camstudio must release pause automatically if a snap event occurs. Visitors who pass you detection line will trigger recording now as well.
* Option to decide if recording must be stopped automatically a few seconds after a Xnote snap.
* Showing Xnote snap times as additional static information in the recording. [Snap-n1],[Snap-n2],[Snap-n3]

Re: Using video recording in combination with Xnote

Post by JanHgm » Thu May 27, 2010 12:17 pm

The four files you refer to are added to Camstudio baseline as revision: 245

The last version of Camstudio4Xnote that i published shows time passed in the video capture as well and required a few more additions. ;-)
Once tested throughfully I will add the other source files to camstudio SVN.

Re: Using video recording in combination with Xnote

Post by Stopwatch » Thu May 27, 2010 11:57 am

May be it's worth to publish changed Camstudio source files (there are 4 as I remember).
Also broadcasting and flash time customizing are also coded-in and will be officially released in 1.61. Therefore there will not be need in custom XNote.

Xnote as video registration solution available

Post by JanHgm » Wed May 26, 2010 6:00 pm

Are you using XNote and do you want to record your XNote events on video?

Mr. "StopWatch" build a special version of XNote for me that broadcast XNote messages (Start/Stop, Snap and Reset events).
We build a special edition of CamStudio recording software (Sourceforge, Camstudio.org) that looks out for these messages and will Start/Stop & Terminate vision recording and will show passed time since start in thousands of seconds in the capturing.

For those who are interested. The required Camstudio4Xnote executable as well as the required XNote 1.6 "Camstudio edition" can be downloaded from my website:

http://www.jahoma.nl/Almere81/Alt_Elect ... dio4Xnote/

Beware that this CamStudio4Xnote edition is not fully tested and is neither official released. It is just a release I build from the last Camstudio development baseline (with a few minor changes for Xnote) and I do not know if all Camstudio options might flawless in this release. In the current configuration it works for me and it allows me to record my screen automatically when I'm using XNote.

I uploaded a new version of Camstudio4Xnote. This version is able to show relative Xnote time in the video recording.
To compensate delays due to video image transmission you can redefine delaytime.


CamStudio is looking out for testers, any non XNote related bug you might discover or request can be dropped at the Camstudio website.
http://camstudio.org/ or