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External Control of Light

Unread postPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2016 4:51 am
by 90C
I need some help. I'm building a Large LED race start timing system either using a LED TV or 7 segmented LED panel.

What I need to externally control is a bank or a single LED light 12V or less. I need this light to turn on when the countdown commences and turn off when zero is reached.

I have a USB to Serial adapter installed.

Any help with a supplier of good quality LED Panel’s would be greatly appreciated. My minimum number sizes are 12”w x 18"h or larger per number. I’m also only need three digits. (5.00)

Thank you

Re: External Control of Light

Unread postPosted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 2:57 pm
by Stopwatch