What volts on sensors

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What volts on sensors

Unread postby bjorn36 » Fri Mar 17, 2017 4:09 pm

Hope someone can help me out here :)

I have not found any post saying what volt´s you guys are running on you´re systems. My system is 24 volt and is running 2 clocks, one clock for 50 meters and the other for 100 meter (stop). I have 3 sensors, one to start both clocks and one to stop the 50 meter and one to stop the 100 meter.
I want to build a DB9 config so that this system can connect to the Xnote software but since my system is 24 volt I´m guessing that puts up a challenge :p
Or can I just build the DB9 configuration and run as is?

Maybe a link or tow for the hardware :-)

Bjørn the Norwegian :)
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