2 stopwatches and 50 meter and 100 meter

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2 stopwatches and 50 meter and 100 meter

Unread postby bjorn36 » Wed Mar 22, 2017 2:34 pm


I\ve been playing arround With the xnote stopwatch and also been Reading a bit here in the forum, but I don¨t find much on this to helpe me.

My system is a sprint system, I have 3 sensors, one to start the watches, one to stop the 50 meter watch and one to stop the 100 meter watch (stop/finish).
Now I want to be able to integrate the results into Excel but I am struggeling a bit. It looks like every time I run a watch and press snap on the 100 meter watch it puts in the time, but on the 50 meter watch it puts in the difference betvene 50 and 100.
I have been Reading a lot about getting 2 stopwatches running and so on but this also makes no sence. I just opend 2 seperate and have to do that every time I open the program.
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