Documentation of config file elements

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Documentation of config file elements

Unread postby pbowers » Fri Jan 29, 2021 11:03 am

It sure would be nice to have even a single sentence or a few words of explanation for each item in the config file. Lots of them are pretty self explanatory (X,Y,W,H for Normal and Compact, for instance) but some of them either take a bit of experimenting to figure out (mode) and some are not clear at all even after experimenting in the UI and comparing config files...

The ideal would be to have the config file that is automatically created have comments already embedded telling what the line will do and what the valid values are.

Barring that, having a page in the documentation would be nice with that same information.

Barring that a few comments in a reply to this post documenting some of the ones that are less obvious would be helpful...
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