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Unread postby coda vex » Tue Jul 13, 2010 3:02 pm

Just wanted to say thanks for the use of the timer. I like to practice practical shooting with airsoft pistols and have been looking for a shot timer for my laptop computer for quite some time. Your timer fit the bill perfectly! Now I can more effectively practice my shooting in my garage and judge the results and improvement in my times. I made a small Youtube video regarding your timer, hope that's ok with you.

Thanks again, you made my month. Coda

coda vex

Re: Testimonial :: Xnote airsoft shot timer

Unread postby rcflyer753 » Fri Jul 27, 2012 4:34 pm

Try this, might be a little bit easier to do. Purchase Vantec usb to serial adapter from newegg or walmart about $10.50 with shipping online. Goto radio shack and purchase DB9 female connector, DB9 connector housing and micro switch. Use telephone cable or goto lowe’s and purchase alarm wire 22 gage, 4 wire @ 15 cent a foot along with 22 gage welder’s steel for stop plate. Make cable with connector and switch, stop plate and mount switch to stop plate. Set up xnote stopwatch configurations and bingo works great. Excellent program, but looking for extra features before purchasing program. I would like to see the following update to program.

1. Random Timer, user input. Example input 1 to 5 seconds or 2 to 4 seconds etc.
2. Alarm event before time count’s down. Example play wav file “shooter ready, standby” before timer counts down.
3. External control - add state On-Off /Reset and add Off-On/Reset, your 3 second option does not work with every state configuration.
4. External control - Add Dual timer configuration for man on man events. Timer starts two-timer screens and activated by separate stop plate switches attached to separate stop plates.
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